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The daisy is a delightfully simple flower that is renowned for its variety of brilliant colors. Give a gift of these cheerful flowers as a symbol of your loyalty and pure intentions. Each daisy arrangement is hand-delivered by a local Teleflora florist. Same-day flower delivery available.

Cheer up with daisies

Daisies are not only fabulous and fun flowers, but have also been made popular in novels like "The Great Gatsby," as one of the main characters share's its name. Although some people might assume they know everything about this flower, some things are more than meets the eye.

TheFlowerExpert.com reports daisies are native to North and Central Europe and come from the flowering family known as asteraceae. Daisies are remarkably durable and are known to spread easily, so in a garden setting it's important to keep them contained. During the night, daisies retract their petals and then open up again at dawn. The leaves of these flowering buds are edible and can be used in salads or as greenery to make homemade meals look professional.

Daisies symbolize innocence and purity, and can also be used to signify new beginnings. The flower meaning of daisy is "I will never tell," so it can be representative of loyalty as well, the source reports. Because of its symbolism, it may be a nice gesture to buy daisies for a friend that recently moved away for a job or another reason, to show him or her the friendship is lasting.

These white and yellow blooms may seem simple, yet they are quite intricate. Daisies are actually made up of two types of flowers, rather than one. They are both disk florets and petal-like white ray florets. The news outlet reports the disk florets are at the center and the ray florets are at the periphery, but they are arranged to look as though they are one. These blossoms have many varieties including the Spanish daisy, blue daisy, lazy daisy and African daisy. Most have smooth stems with a few leaves that support the flower.

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