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Carnations have been cultivated in the East for thousands of years, and each color has its own special significance: pink for a motherÔÇÖs love, red for admiration and white for good luck. Our extensive network of Teleflora florists hand-delivers each carnation arrangement. Same-day flower delivery available.

Clever carnations

Carnations are found in many bouquets, as they are long-lasting and their full bodies make them great as accent flowers or stars on their own. GardenGuides.com reports there are over 300 varieties of carnations, including many that have been created by botanists over the years. The blossoms are grown around the world in places like Spain, Korea, North America and Canada. 

Although many people might think they've got a solid grasp on this flower, there is a lot to learn about them. Carnations are unique as they can come in single or double-flower formations. Double flowers are when a blossom has extra petals, creating "flowers within flowers." The best part is that buds like this seem extremely full-bodied and healthy. Single flowers mean the blooms have a certain number of petals. Carnations come in a wide range of colors including pink, red and picotee. "Picotee" means the flower has one basic color with a margin of another color speckling it as well. All carnations have thick stems that grow between 6 and 14 inches tall and have leaves that are either blue-green or gray-green in color.

There are three main body types of carnations, spray, large or dwarf. Spray varieties consist of a group of small flower clusters on different stems, large types are the ones commonly used to accent flower bouquets, while dwarf carnations usually have several small flowers on a single stem.

Some varieties, like Sweet William, have surprising fragrances, the website reports. This type has a spicy smell, similar to cinnamon. Many times, Sweet William buds are dried out and used to make potpourri.

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