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Purple Flowers

From passionate plums to ladylike lavender - there's hardly a message or wish that a purple flower arrangement doesn't perfectly convey. Exotic and striking or soft and sweet, purple flowers send a message of pride, dignity and admiration.

Does your loved one prefer purple?
People love the color purple for a number of reasons, and its rich history offers even more to adore. The original hue, known as tyrian purple, is a colored dye extracted from a mollusk shell found on the shores of the city Tyre in ancient Phoenicia, present day Lebanon. The hue quickly became the color associated with royalty because only the very wealthy could afford the rare beauty.

Since its royal beginning, the color has morphed into a number of different shades. We now enjoy dark violet shades and the most current craze, electric purple. This shade is halfway between magenta and violet and creates a much brighter, almost neon hue.

In today's world, the color is still rich and elegant, but can be used to express many other feelings and emotions. If your loved one is drawn to this stunning and bold hue, you may want to send her delivered flowers in purple. Because there are so many dramatically different shades of purple, it's important to do a little digging to discover which hue is your lady's favorite.

You can investigate by checking out her clothing drawer to see if she prefers deep purple, warmer hues or shades in between. Looking through her jewelry boxes can also be an easy way to figure out which color purple she'd most enjoy.

Once you've figured out the shade she's crazy about, buy purple flowers for your special someone and have them delivered to her office, home or even while she's away on business. You never need a reason to shower your loved one with flowers.

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