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Pink Flowers

The color of youth, joy, and gentility, pink flowers in soft pastels charm us with innocence and sweetness. And in their deeper hues? Floral gifts with posh pink, hot pink and look-out-now pink - remind us that pink is perfect, no matter who you're celebrating.

Pink can be perfect
Most people attribute the color pink to all things girlie. The hue is a combination of the colors red and white and can actually be categorized as a tint. Pink includes a wide range of hues that are created by mixing it with other colors. Pink can encompass colors on the cool end of the spectrum like berry, all the way to warmer tones like salmon, which is orange-based.

The hue has also found a place in pop culture - think pink Cadillacs, Pink Floyd, the Pink Panther, just to name a few. It is also commonly a symbol of womanhood or femininity, whereas blue is the color for boys, but this was not always the case. ColorMatters.com reports European children used to all be dressed in blue as a symbol of purity, but around the turn of the century, pink was introduced. Since it was seen as a stronger color, boys wore the shade, and girls were dressed in blue due to its delicate and dainty tint.

However, in ancient Greece, it's speculated baby boys wore blue because it symbolized good luck. It was also the color of the sky where the gods lived and many parents believed dressing their sons in the hue would help ward off evil. Pink is presumed to have come along to represent the delicateness of young girls.

The origin of the term pink is believed to have been derived from the Dutch flower pinken, and dates back to 1681. The name is speculated to have come from the verb "to pink" or to cut around the edges. The flower has jagged petals that look as though they were cut in a similar fashion.

If your wife is expecting a baby, it may be nice to buy her pink flowers to show her how much you care.
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